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Malta Cruises
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Malta Island Cruises

Written by Julie Greiner
Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy and north of Libya. Valletta is the capital of Malta and the largest city is Qormi. All 95 square miles are consistent with low hills and terraced fields. The oldest megalithic temple in the world is il-Ggantija in Goza, dating back to 3500 BC. Numerous foreign rulers recognized the strategic geographical location of the islands with regards to trade and warfare. The Romans, Phoenicians, Byzantines, Arabs, French (under Napoleon) and British all ruled Malta until 1964 when they established an independent republic and continue to be part of the British Commonwealth. The Island
of Malta is one of the most popular get-a-ways in the Mediterranean today. The rugged hills are perfect for horseback riding, trail blazing, camping and hiking. The summer months Malta averages around 12 hours of sunshine per day, which makes it perfect for sunbathing on the island's many beaches. The Mediterranean waters are warm enough for a range of popular water sport activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. The stable year round climate means that you do not have to wait until the summer months to take
Blue Grotto Malta
a holiday in Malta.

Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises offers a round-trip 8-nights cruise aboard the Louis Majesty cruise ship. The cruise originates in Genoa, Italy and has ports of call in Marseilles, Cagliari, Tunis, Gabes, La Valletta, Naples and Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy. Louis Majesty has a cruising speed of 119 knots, 10 passenger decks, 6 elevators and offers unlimited gourmet dining, maritime sports and Broadway-style entertainment.

Amenities of Malta Cruises

Louis Cruises offers a 6-nights
round-trip cruise aboard the Orient Queen. The cruise originates from Genoa Italy and ports-of-call include Marseilles, Menorca, Tunis, Malta and Sicily. This is truly a luxury cruise. The Orient Queen has 8 passenger decks, 4 elevators and all 364 staterooms are equipped with plasma TV, safety box and can accommodate 912 passengers on board. The ship contains several restaurant and bars, live music at Stars Show Lounge, miniature golf court, casino, fully equipped business center, video game arcade, duty-free boutique shopping, 2 swimming pools, fitness center, beauty
Malta Fishing Village
salon, spa and physician on-board.

Cruises Originating in Genoa

MSC Cruises offers a 7-nights round-trip cruise aboard the Fantasia, your ship of dreams. Originating from Genoa, ports of call include Marseille, Barcelona, La Goulette, Valletta, Messina and Civitavecchia. The Fantasia is the largest cruise ship ever built for a European ship owner. It is longer in length than the height of the Eiffel Tower, with 1,637 staterooms and the flagship of MSC Cruise Lines. This masterpiece of Italian style has a Swarovski crystal stairway,
Gozo Town Center
transparent ceiling for viewing the stars and 290,628 square feet of public space. There are the Aurea Spa, 5 restaurants, 4 swimming pools, 12 hydro-massage pools, coffee bars, shops and a children's area. Not to mention the Aqua Park with 150 illuminated musical fountains, a Formula 1 simulator and an interactive 4-D cinema. The Fantasia is truly your ship of dreams.
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